Step by Step Guide for Subsidized Child Care through Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas


Subsidized child care, or financial aid for families in need of child care is currently available for many Northeast Texas families and Workforce Solutions of Northeast Texas wants to provide you with a step-by-step easy guide to apply.

In order to see if your family meets the eligibility requirements you should first visit this website They are also currently offering assistance for up to 3 months for parents who are job searching.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply online by visiting:

Once the application is submitted you will be redirected to a checklist. Review the checklist to see
which required documents are needed for your family based on your participation status. These documents will include proof of income for 3 full months (if you have not been employed 3 full months you may still apply), proof of credit hours and GPA if attending school, and birth certificates for all children who will need to attend daycare. Fax or email your required documentation to Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas Child Care Services (CCS):

Fax: 903-794-8012

Or you can drop them in the drop box at the Greater Texarkana Workforce Center located at 1702
Hampton Road, Texarkana, Texas.

Once all required documentation is received, CCS will begin reviewing your file for eligibility. The
Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) allows 20 days for the review process. Once the file has been reviewed to determine eligibility, CCS staff will contact the client to verify the information on file is still correct and finalize setting up assistance.

In the meantime, clients are encouraged to begin researching the daycare centers in their area if the
children are not already attending a center. Visit
Choose-A-Childcare-Facility for a list of daycare centers. Tour the facility you are interested in
before making your final decision and confirm they have space for your child(ren). If the daycare
that you want to use does not have space available, see if they have a waiting list you can put your
child(ren) on.

You can review their Parent Handbook by visiting:

If you have any questions or need to follow up after submitting documents call 903-794-8999 opt 1
or text 903-309-2511 to verify everything was received.

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