Summerhill Road Walmart Neighborhood Market Opening January 21


The new Walmart Neighborhood Market on the corner of Summerhill Rd. and College Dr. will be opening January 21 at 7:30 a.m.

A banner announcing the opening date was hung on the wall of the new Walmart this evening.

The Dekalb, Texas Walmart Neighborhood Market store opened today. Walmart is opening many smaller Neighborhood Market stores in Diana, Hughes Springs, Linden, Lone Star, Naples, Tatum, and Wake Village. There is also another Walmart Neighborhood Market store under construction on Richmond Road at Moores Lane.

According to Anne Hatfield, Director of Communications for Walmart, “the Walmart Neighborhood Market is all about convenience. The smaller size, easy parking access, drive-thru pharmacy and fuel station make this a perfect footprint for quick trips, but we’re still able to offer customers the same low prices they see at our larger format stores.”

Walmart will also be offering the Site to Store service in the market locations. Site to Store is just like what it sounds – go to and order from the website, then have those items delivered for free to your favorite store. The three top sellers for site to store are TV’s, Outdoor Play Sets, and Tablets.


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