Supporting the Arts and Fellow Survivors

Kathi Couch (Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

Kathi Couch is a wife, mother, artist, Christian, and Breast Cancer survivor of twenty years.  She has used her talents to help promote, support, and provide resources for those battling breast cancer in our community through the umbrella of Susan G. Komen and through her own personal efforts.

When Couch was diagnosed with Breast Cancer twenty years ago, her first reaction to the news of cancer was utter shock.  She knew friends who had battled breast cancer, but this experience was completely foreign to her.

“I was more upset about having to do chemo than I was about the removal of a breast,” she recalled.

Unfortunately, there were not many resources and support systems for breast cancer patients and survivors in the Texarkana area.  She recalls traveling to the Tyler, Texas area to buy a special bra; there were no retailers in the area who could help her.

“I had a friend who had a mastectomy and I was very active in her recovery , but I could not find anyone in this city who had chemotherapy at the time,” Couch explained.

There were no friends to relate this experience to, no support groups to attend.  Couch relied heavily on her faith, family, and friends in her life to help carry her through that very difficult time.

Her surgeon, Dr Schmidt,  is also a friend. “I knew he would take good care of me,” said Couch.

Since traversing her battle with Breast Cancer, Couch has been a community advocate and support system for other survivors and patients.

“I helped with the initial planning of Race for the Cure by going to over 80 groups in Texarkana and telling my story. I then served on the race board for years, and then the Susan G. Komen board.”

If that wasn’t enough, she also emcees the Tickled Pink Fashion show every year and paints with survivors for the Art Park Wall.  She is a ray of sunlight and inspiration for those fighting the battle.

“I don’t have any words of wisdom or advice when I find out someone new has breast cancer,” said Couch. “Have faith in the Lord and faith in your medical team.”

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