Teen pleads guilty, to serve 45 years for Texarkana, Texas, murder

Warrick Dunn, 18, of Ashdown, Arkansas

An 18-year-old Ashdown, Ark., man pleaded guilty Monday afternoon to first-degree murder before a Bowie County judge.

Prosecutors said Warrick Dunn’s plea agreement includes a 45-year prison sentence. Dunn shot and killed Deandre Bush, 27, as he sat in his car outside of his home in the 2000 block of West 18th Street shortly after midnight March 30, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Dunn also shot Bush’s pit bull once in the chest. Witnesses told investigators the dog chased Dunn down the street as he ran away after firing multiple shots into Bush’s body.

Detectives said robbery was the motive. After the shooting, a relative of a friend of Dunn’s provided police with the .45 caliber Smith&Wesson pistol with which Dunn killed Bush. The relative also had a Taurus 9 mm pistol Dunn stole from Bush after taking his life. She told police she paid Dunn for the guns.

“Get that hair out of your face please,” Pesek asked Dunn before beginning the hearing.

Dunn’s long dreadlocks obscured his face as he entered the courtroom. At Pesek’s request, Dunn pushed them aside.

Pesek accepted Dunn’s guilty plea but scheduled the case for formal sentencing May 23. Pesek said the delay is meant to give Bush’s family time to prepare victim impact statements which they will read to their loved one’s killer in court.

Shepherd said he and Assistant District Attorney Katie Carter met with Bush’s family before offering Dunn the chance to serve 45 years. The punishment range for first degree murder is five to 99 years or life in prison. Dunn’s plea bargain means he won’t be risking the possibility a jury could sentence him to life.

“Myself and Ms. Carter discussed the negotiated plea with the victim’s family and they are in agreement,” Shepherd said.

Bush’s mother wiped tears from her eyes as she left the courtroom. Dunn is being held in the Bowie County jail. Once he is formally sentenced, he will be transferred to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s Institutional Division.

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