TexAmericas Center targets residents interested in community betterment with new social media pages


Partnered with Workforce Solutions-Northeast Texas, TexAmericas Center has been provided the opportunity to facilitate the use of funds awarded to Workforce Solutions by the Department of Defense-Office of Economic Adjustment.

There are five main objectives to be accomplished; stakeholder network mapping, stakeholder communications and engagement plan, regional economic development partnership feasibility study, vertical market assessment, and workforce needs analysis. New social media pages, as a part of the communication and engagement plan, have now been published on both Facebook and LinkedIn.

These new pages were designed to provide the citizenry of the greater Texarkana region with updates regarding ongoing activities and the allotment of these funds.

These pages can be found by searching “Four State, 12 County Economic Development Initiative,” on either Facebook or LinkedIn; there is a website coming soon. The potential benefits of utilizing this marketing/advertising medium is more outreach to tech savvy residents and the younger generation of white-collar laborers in up and coming positions within various organizations.

“Social media is a great way to target a diverse group of people,” said Scott Norton, Executive Director/CEO, “a major percentage of the general population uses one or more platforms of social media, whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook, or any combination of others. These new pages allow us to become more widespread and get people talking about the region.”

A requirement of the OEA Grant is a 10% non-federal match for any grant funds awarded. Several local partners contributed to these efforts, including: the City of Texarkana, TX; the City of Texarkana, AR; Texarkana Chamber of Commerce; Atlanta, TX Economic Development Corporation; Cass County; Nash, TX Industrial Development Corporation; DeKalb, TX Industrial Development Corporation; and Clarksville, TX Economic Development Corporation. These partners made a significant commitment, allowing Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas to qualify for this grant opportunity and secure the additional funding.

“Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas is proud to partner with TexAmericas Center on this project,” said Bart Spivey of Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas, “The strong leadership skills and economic development knowledge TexAmericas Center offers is important to the success of this initiative. We also look forward to including others throughout the community as the project moves forward.”

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