Texarkana Board Expands Food Truck Locations

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The Texarkana, Ark. Board of Directors adopted an ordinance allowing food trucks in more areas of the city Monday evening.

The ordinance amends the City of Texarkana, Arkansas Code of Ordinances to allow food trucks in commercial and industrial zones.

Director Laney Harris objected to the ordinance as not being fair to existing restaurant owners. He asked for a buffer zone around existing businesses. The board voted five to one to pass the ordinance, with Harris being the one no vote.

This ordinance was sponsored by Director Steven Hollibush.

Food trucks are able to operate from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and require a yearly $250 permit from the city. Food trucks must also have a commissary where they can dispose of wastewater from storage tanks and clean any utensils or kitchenware.

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