Texarkana Citizens Go All with Christmas Lights Synced With Radio Stations


December 23, 2014 | Two houses in Texarkana have decorated their houses with lights that sync to music that they play over radio waves which you can tune into on your car radio.

We have decided to not list the locations (even the general vicinity) of the light shows because the roads in front of their houses were already packed with cars. If you do some searching on Facebook you will be able to find more information. If you are the owners of one of the houses and want your general vicinity disclosed in this article, please email us to let us know. UPDATE: The owners of the lights in the first contacted us and gave their consent for us to publish their address – 4904 Lesley Lane, Texarkana Texas 75503.

Each house has a sign in the front yard telling viewers to tune into a specific radio station.

We also found another neighborhood that banded together to display a special message.

We also saw other homes with extravagant Christmas lights.

Please let us know about any other really cool lights in the comments.

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