Texarkana College Saves $1 Million with Jenzabar EX


Jenzabar®, Inc., a leading provider of software, services and strategies for higher education, announced today that Texarkana College was able to improve services while significantly reducing annual operating costs by one million dollars after switching to the Jenzabar EX enterprise resource planning system.

The previous software Texarkana College used was built on a database technology that required specialized skills to work with and maintain, and proved to be costly.

“Converting to the Jenzabar EX ERP led to two of our biggest spending cuts over the last few years,” said Michael Dumdei, Vice President of Information Technology at Texarkana College. “Even with budget constraints, we are able to continue to improve our services and lower costs with Jenzabar EX. We found all components of the ERP easy to manage and more flexible than our previous system. Without question, the overall experience is a significant improvement, and the College realized a substantial savings with an annual reduction in costs approaching $1 million.”

The Microsoft SQL-based Jenzabar EX system enabled Texarkana College IT to bring the system management in-house. Jenzabar EX requires fewer resources to manage and is now easier for the College to recruit and retain top quality technical staff to support the system.

With Jenzabar EX’s highly intuitive user interface and mobile-first user experience, the IT team can now better focus on delivering high value services that directly support faculty, staff, and students. 

“It is hard to say enough good things about the Jenzabar product development team,” said Dumdei. “We were the first public college in Texas to adopt Jenzabar EX and needed functionality added to the system to support our state’s reporting requirements. The Jenzabar product development people put all that code in there for us. We are very happy with the Jenzabar people.”

“Texarkana College and Jenzabar have established a great collaborative relationship,” said Sam Burgio, Jenzabar Vice President and General Manager. “In only ten months, Jenzabar EX was up and running at the College. We were also able to incorporate all of the coding needed for state reporting and we continue to work with them in helping increase their students’ overall college experience.”

Another Texas-based College, Paris Junior College, also recently chose Jenzabar EX. Jenzabar EX is the most selected SQL Server ERP system in higher education. Over the past five years,

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