Texarkana invited to present during national webinar


City of Texarkana, Texas’ Planning and Community Development Department presented during a Council of Development Finance Agencies (CDFA) webinar on Thursday, September 21, 2017 along with representatives from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, and the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation.


The city was asked to present by CDFA to share best practices learned through the City’s work on the Hotel Grim development project. The webinar was entitled Maximizing the HUD Section 108 Loan Program, and allowed participants to hear from HUD officials and experienced users of the Section 108 program on how the program has been used around the country, and how it can be layered with other development finance tools to support community development.


The city shared its expertise with other development professionals across the nation in this webinar. David Orr, Director of the Planning and Community Development Department, was pleased to partake.


“It was an honor to be invited to participate,” Orr said. “We have been diligently working on this project for several years, and it was nice to share insights we’ve learned with others who might find it helpful.”


For more information, contact Lisa Thompson at lisa.thompson@txkusa.org or 903-798-1743.

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