Texarkana police sees increase in auto thefts


The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department is reporting a sharp increase in car thefts around town.

According to TAPD, in a span of less than a month there have been seven vehicles reported stolen in the city limits of Texarkana.

Authorities say the vast majority of these vehicles were either left running unattended, or were unlocked with the keys in the vehicle, therefore becoming an easy target for car thieves.

TAPD explained of the seven vehicles stolen in that time period, six vehicles have been recovered.

Officials say three stolen vehicles were recovered from outside jurisdictions in that time frame.

Due to this high rise in thefts, the Texarkana Police Department is working vigilantly to identify the subjects involved in these auto thefts, in order to bring them to justice.

TAPD says to date, ten arrests have been made in connections with the stolen vehicles or recovery of stolen vehicles from outside jurisdictions. Of those arrests, three were adults and seven were juveniles.

Authorities say there are also outstanding warrants for additional subjects involved in these crimes.

Texarkana Arkansas Police Department urges citizens of Texarkana to keep a couple of tips in mind in order to avoid becoming a victim to car theft; remove the keys and always lock your vehicle, whether you are leaving it for five minutes or for a longer period of time.

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