Texarkana Recreation Center Officially Open After Renovations


The newly renovated Texarkana Recreation Center is now open to the public! The center is now open for families and local children to come and grow ‘both mentally and physically.’ The facility has been completely remodeled and upgraded to accommodate for the needs of the Texarkana community. The recreation center includes: a gymnasium, computer lab, tutoring room, activity center, kitchen and sports complex as well as meeting rooms. Outside of the recreation center there are ball fields which can be rented out for the community to enjoy.

Families and children can enjoy tons of classes, activities and space for events as well as resources, or can be used simply as a place to gather. For those that are looking to work from home with children, or those who need a place to study, the recreation center offers free wi-fi to guests, with brand new state of the art equipment and tons of parking to accommodate guests.

Wednesday, February 17th the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce met to celebrate the newly renovated center with a ribbon cutting ceremony, and on Saturday February 19th, the community gathered together for a day of fun celebrating the grand opening! The Recreation Center is located at 1 Legion Drive in Texarkana, Arkansas. For information on renting space or ball fields, or to inquire about membership fees you can contact the recreation center by dialing 870-779-4964.

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