Texarkana USA Chamber Hosts Annual Celebration Friday Night


Every year the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce host the Chamber Annual Celebration and each year a different theme is chosen. This year’s theme for Annual Celebration is “Texarkana Through The Years”.


6:00 PM – Registration and Silent Auction Begin
7:00 PM – Dinner, Palmer Award Presentation and Program


The theme idea, “Texarkana Through The Years”, came as a result of the Chamber’s wanting to focus more on, YOU, the Business Community. We want this Annual Celebration to showcase the BEST in business.

We are still having the annual Table Decorating (only open to Silver, Gold and Platinum Sponsors) and Costume contests. We are asking that you look back at your business and brag a bit. If your company has been in business for a significant amount of time, maybe the theme can come from the year it was founded. You can even focus on a decade, year or event in Texarkana history. These are just ideas, you can do whatever you feel the theme means to you and your business.

Remember, attendees will walk around and want to ask questions about your costume or your table, what a great opportunity to advertise!

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