Texas-Side is Making Progress On The Hotel Grim Restoration


A status update on the restoration of the Hotel Grim was posted on the Facebook Group “Save the Hotel Grim: Restore and Revitalize Hotel Grim in Texarkana, Texas”, which states:

The City of Texarkana, Texas has put together a working team regarding the Grim Redevelopment Project. Members include city staff, and members of the community who have a vested interest in seeing this project successfully completed. Here are a few updates from today’s meeting: 1.) Dr. Beverly Rowe has completed the paperwork for the historic designation and it has been sent in to the state for approval. Once it is approved at a state level, it will be submitted for national historic designation. 2.) The first stage to complete the Brownfields requirements has been finished and the city is moving forward on the second stage. 3.) The working team will detail a project timeline and present to the community to keep everyone updated and aware of progress on the project.

Sari and Company  will do the redevelopment. A request made to Sari and Company has yet to be answered.

See the Group’s page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SavetheHotelGrim/info.

For more information see the following resources

Tell us what you think should be done to the old hotel in the Facebook comments.

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