The Hideout: 1920’s Speakeasy Themed Event Bar and Club Coming to Downtown Texarkana

The Hideout Sign

The Wright Family has done it again for Downtown Texarkana. After opening El Frio in July, they have turned their attention towards their newest project: The Hideout. Having sat as a storage building for years, family Patriarch Jeff, decided before COVID hit, that he wanted to use the location to add another event, bar, and recreational center for Downtown Texarkana’s growing list of businesses.

The Hideout, according to the Wright family, is designed with the 1920s in mind. From speakeasy images to gangster movie images from the 1920s, combined with vintage furniture, and repurposed material, The Hideout has everything visitors could ever want in a fun-themed downtown hotspot.

Mural by Darlene Taylor. 

Walking into The Hideout location, one can’t help but notice the incredible attention to detail found in every hanging fixture, bar table, seating area, and game. Irma and her daughters have been collecting vintage items for the building over the last few months to use and repurpose. “We have repurposed everything in this building,” said Irma. “I’ve been telling my girls whenever they go to an antique store, or to Goodwill, to find old odds and ends for us to use here!” Her design and repurposing of vintage items are found throughout the location.

Electrical spools have been used to create hanging chandeliers, the original fixtures of the building including the boilers, heating and air etc., have been repurposed as fireplaces, tables, and chairs. Old equipment from the original building has even been made into giant fans that will keep patrons cool. The specific attention to detail, highlighting the history of Texarkana, and the 1920’s prohibition era, are only part of what makes this new event venue and bar stand out.

Spotted throughout the building are video arcade games from the late ’80s and ’90s. Guests have the opportunity to relive their childhood memories of visiting an arcade while enjoying a great drink from the bar, and watching live bands, or fights. While every detail has been meticulously designed by Irma and Jeff, they note that their children have had a huge impact on the design, construction, and creation of The Hideout.

Rooftop Patio area for guests to enjoy at The Hideout

One of the many key features found throughout The Hideout is their mural art, painted by local artist Darlene Taylor. Taylor has taken imagery from 1920’s gangster movies and historical events, and painted hidden Easter eggs throughout her murals around the building. Each mural also holds special meaning to the family. Hidden within the paintings are family faces, friends, and even some stores from the history of Texarkana. If you look closely enough, you may see some of your very own Texarkana locals in one of the many murals adorning the walls of The Hideout. During the construction and renovation process, the Wright’s have encountered many hidden pieces of Texarkana’s own Prohibition History. One of the greatest finds the Wright family has come across during their renovations, was finding an early 1900’s whiskey barrel, hidden underneath the alley bricks and mud. Though the whiskey barrel is falling apart, it appears as though their venue was ‘meant to be,’ with the connection to the prohibition era.

MMA Ring for Peak Fighting Event located within The Hideout

The Hideout will officially open its doors on October 23rd, with an event hosted by Peak Fighting. Currently, a giant MMA fighting ring has been placed in the back of the event venue that will be used for the Peak Fighting event.

The Hideout location includes three separate levels. On the bottom floor, you will find a bar, two-stage areas, arcade games, the MMA ring, and seating areas for patrons. As you go up the stairs, you find yourself in another bar area, that also leads to the rooftop patio for guests to enjoy. “We have future plans to extend the outdoor area, creating one seamless place for guests to enjoy,” said Jeff. After climbing the stairs to the rooftop bar, guests can enjoy the scenery of the entire downtown area, with a drink in hand, and good company beside them.

Jeff, Irma, and the Wright children have taken this project on as a labor of love. Each person has brought their own ideas and interests to the table. From the vintage bathroom decor to the historic pieces of Texarkana hidden throughout, The Hideout is expected to be a huge success for continuing to bring the nightlife back to Downtown Texarkana. The Hideout is located at 311 E. Broad Street, in Downtown Texarkana. To check in with their progress, or to find more information check The Hideout out on Facebook.

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