TTPD officers train on new less-than-lethal pepper gun


Some Texarkana, Texas Police Officers will now be carrying a new pepper gun as a “less-than-lethal” option when confronting a threat.

Police say the pepper gun, also called JPX Cobra 450 made by JPX America, is more effective and more accurate than traditional OC pepper spray.

“It provides another tool for our police officers to use,” said TTPD Spokesperson Shawn Vaughn. “Obviously we don’t want any instances where we have to progress to the point of using deadly force.”


According to Texarkana, Texas Police Chief Daniel Shiner the department of 90 officers is purchasing 12 pepper guns.

The cobra has a laser sight and can be deployed from as far as 20 feet.  According to the company OC spray is 200,000 Scoville heat units where this gun is 400,000.  The effects last around 45 minutes.

Other area police agencies had officers attending the training event today at Texarkana, Texas Police Department’s Special Operations Training Center. Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department also bought five.

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