TTPD Warns of Man who Approached 11 Year Old Girl on Moore Drive in Attempt to Get Her to Leave with Him


Update @ 11:15 am: This event occurred on Moore Drive – instead of Moores Lane, according to Lisa Thompson, spokesperson for the City of Texarkana, Texas.

According to Texarkana, Texas Police Department an eleven year old girl who lives in the Moore Drive area told officers that she was approached by a man in her front yard on Tuesday evening. When he asked if she wanted to go with him, she immediately ran into her house. She described him as being a skinny white man with a “not too long” salt-and-pepper beard. She said he was probably 50 – 60 years old.

TTPD talked to several neighbors to see if they might have seen anything but they were not able to give any more information. Police say they are now watching for the guy in the area.

According to TTPD this young lady did a great job by doing exactly what she should have done to protect herself.

Police encourage all parents to talk to your kids often about safety. Give them the basics on how to avoid and escape potentially dangerous situations. Teach them to:
• Never accept candy or gifts from a stranger.

• Never go anywhere with a stranger, even if it sounds like fun. Predators can lure kids with questions like “Can you help me find my lost puppy?” or “Would you like some candy?” Remind your kids that adults they don’t know should never ask them to help or to do things for them.

• Run away and scream if someone follows them or tries to force them into a car.

• Say NO to anyone who tries to make them do something you’ve said is wrong or touch them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable.

• Always tell you or another trusted adult if a stranger asks personal questions, exposes himself or herself, or otherwise makes them feel uneasy. Reassure kids that it’s OK to tell you even if the person made them promise not to or threatened them in some way.

• Always ask permission from a parent to leave the house, yard, or play area or to go into someone’s home.

Anyone with information on this or any other crime is asked to contact the Texarkana, Texas Police Department at 903-798-3116 or Texarkana Area Crime-stoppers at 903-793-STOP.

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