TTPD warns residents about mail theft as holidays approach


The Texarkana Texas Police Department is warning locals to be alert and always on the look out for people stealing mail out of mailboxes.

Law enforcement officials say the mail theft problem still persists and will only continue to increase as the holidays approach.

TTPD tells the public to remember that most residential mailboxes are easily accessible to just about anyone – especially those at the roadway.

According to police, suspects take items that have identifying information on them that people leave in their residential mailboxes, and later use the information for their own personal gain. For example, thieves will take checks or money orders made out for bill payments, alter them and then pass them at stores for merchandise.

“We’ve made several arrests for this crime over the last couple of months and more are coming soon. However, we would much rather that these people not be able to find anyone to victimize in the first place. If you must mail financial documents, we strongly encourage to use the blue U.S. Postal Service mailboxes or actually take your the mail inside a post office. Another option would be to take advantage of online bill pay services available through most area banks and credit unions,” said TTPD.

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