Twins Gather for ‘Twice as Nice’ Photo Shoot


Twins, partners, and people from all walks of life, joined together at Texarkana’s historic downtown post office today.

Texarkana’s moto, “Twice as Nice,” was gloriously displayed as dous from all around paused for pictures at our most famous tourist hot-spot.

Ina McDowell, Executive Director for Main Street Texarkana said, “being a city of two states, I think we are all better off when we work together. Today’s event is a fun opportunity to play with our name ‘Twin City.’”

Going on to say, “The purpose of Mainstreet Texarkana is to promote the revitalization of downtown through historical preservation, and today is another opportunity to pull both states together into what we like to call ‘One Great Downtown.’”

Fraternal twins Holly Crabtree and Heather Avery both agree that this is a “cool idea,” and say they “love being twins in the Twin City.”

If you would like more information about Main Street Texarkana, please contact Ina McDowell at
903.792.7191 or

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