Two Texarkana restaurants close in a month


Two Texarkana restaurants, Copeland’s and Lightning Arrow Steakhouse, have officially closed their doors.

Copeland’s, located on 511 E 51st St in Texarkana, Arkansas opened to the public approximately 5 years ago, and announced on Monday that its last service would be November 28, after which it would close the doors for good.

In a statement posted to the doors of the establishment, management addressed customers by announcing the closing of Copeland’s and thanked the community of Texarkana for their support.

“On behalf of the management and staff of Copeland’s we would like to thank all of our loyal guest for dining with us and giving us the opportunity to serve you and your family,” wrote Copeland’s management.

Lightning Arrow Steakhouse located on 4115 N Kings Hwy, also announced the official closing of their restaurant.

Much like Copeland’s, Lightning Arrow Steakhouse management addressed the public in a letter posted to their doors as well as their website, in which they explained the closing of the business.

“We are proud of what we accomplished but unfortunately it was just not enough in the end. We would like to say a very heartfelt goodbye and hope to see you again soon,” wrote Vince and Teresa Welch, owners of Lightning Arrow, in a statement addressed to the public.

There is no further information at this time as to what new businesses will be housed at these locations.

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