TWU Warns Park @ Summerhill Residents Water May be Cutoff

Nathan Morris via facebook

Texarkana Water Utilities has posted the following letter on residents of The Park At Summerhill doors.

Texarkana Water Utilities regrets to inform the residents of The Park At Summerhill located at 5201 Summerhill Road that the water bills for these apartments have not been paid by the owner and disconnection has been scheduled for Wednesday May 7, 201 at 9:00am.

Nathan Morris who posted the notice via Facebook also included this comment with the picture.

This just goes to show the type of cruddy leadership we have at TEXARKANA WATER UTILITIES. A simple error was made and this is the type of bullying they do. Even after the management took care of the problem they were threatened not to take the letters off the tenants doors or else they would call the police.

Nathan Morris via facebook
Nathan Morris via facebook
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