U of A Hope-Texarkana Announces Outstanding Staff Member of the Year


Each year, the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana honors an outstanding staff member. UAHT is proud to announce that this year’s winner is Cindy Phillips. Phillips has served the college as an Accounting Technician for twenty-two years.


“Cindy is a leader in the Business Office; her tenure, experience, knowledge, and demeanor draw others to ask for her opinion often,” stated her nomination letter. “She has acquired a vast knowledge and understanding of the details necessary to keep the business office running smoothly and efficiently. She has honed the skill of being detail-oriented to perfection. Cindy is loyal to the College and its mission. While her specialty is in accounts payable, she also serves students and the community when needed. She works hard and does not back down from additional duties such as assisting at graduation and Fish Fry events. She is a no-nonsense kind of person, but is easy to get along with…especially if you follow the rules!!!”


“Her excellent service has been demonstrated most recently in the manner in which she served the College during her co-worker’s extended absences,” the letter continued. “Cindy and Sarah were a team; you rarely saw one without the other. While each one had their own special day-to-day duties to perform, both could help carry out the other person’s tasks whenever necessary. Sarah’s special circumstances caused her to miss work, but the budget had to be followed, and bills had to be paid. Cindy stepped up in a big way during this time. She tirelessly worked to carry out her duties and Sarah’s for many months. Long days and heavy workloads did not deter her. Her ‘can do’ attitude and ‘sharp as a tack’ aptitude saved this institution during this period of time. To Cindy, she was doing her job. But as her supervisor, I saw her dedication to go above and beyond on a day-to-day basis. She never complained about working two positions, and she mentioned on more than one occasion that Sarah would have done the same for her.”


Please join the UAHT family in thanking Cindy Phillips for her dedication to serving students and fellow employees at the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana.


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