Underground Pizza Food Truck: Coming to Downtown Texarkana

Jalapeno popper pizza

Underground Pizza, run and owned by local Texarkana resident Tyler Traut, is on its way back to the Texarkana area. With his specialty pizzas, and his desire to meet the needs of the community, Tyler has been hard at work bringing Underground Pizza back to Texarkana. Fans of Underground Pizza have been waiting four months for Traut’s new business to open. With a lot of hard work, finding a location and truck, as well as mountains of paperwork, it seems the new Underground Pizza Food Truck could be up and running by September. “My birthday is September 3rd, and my goal for myself is to have it open and ready by my birthday,” said Traut.

Traut recently purchased a food truck with the help and advice of local food truck owners, and has been hard at work redesigning and renovating the truck as well as his popular pizza menu. Currently he is working with his best friend to finish the electrical work on the truck, and as soon as that is done he can put together the final pieces. “I want to begin with a very soft opening. I want to make sure in the weeks after I open, that I am prepared with everything that the community needs and wants from the business,” said Traut.

With his new business opening, Traut will be selling pizza by the slice, and has worked hard over the last few months to bring a new taste to the menu. “I designed and made my own crust recipe, which blows the old pizzas out of the water. I am really excited for everyone to try it, it truly is amazing,” said Traut. “I am really just excited to get this up and running. Once we closed down a few months ago, not a day has gone by that I haven’t been hard at work getting this new business venture up and running. I am really excited to see how it does for the community,” said Traut.

The new Underground Pizza Food Truck will be located downtown at Crossties 324 E Broad St. It will be located next to the Frozen Rail.

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