Unicyclist Displays Talents Downtown

Son Huynh photographs Grace Rollins as she rides her unicycle downtown in Texarkana. (Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

Not many people have the type of personality that captivates audiences from afar, attracting attention to themselves like moths to a flame.  Grace Rollins’ vibrant personality lures in unsuspecting people who are subconsciously seeking entertainment. During golden hour in downtown Texarkana, Arkansas, she can be seen pridefully performing on her unicycle, a talent she’s developed over the last decade.


In Christmas of 2006, Rollins mother handed her a JCPenney catalog and said to pick any toy she desired.   With her wits about her, Rollins maneuvered her way into the Christmas gift of a lifetime, something that would be a driving factor in her identity.  Not many children would choose a unicycle, but Rollins wasn’t like most children.


“I told my mother I wanted either a unicycle or a Howdy Doody ventriloquist doll,” she explained.


Rollins mom thought the doll strange, so she conceded to letting her have the unicycle as the Christmas gift and the rest is history.  Currently, Rollins is building her portfolio for the Industry Network, the country’s leading boutique talent convention that promotes emerging talents.

Photo by Son Huynh

Rollins was downtown with a photographer, Son Huynh, capturing photos of the unicycle in action, April 17, 2018, using the urban landscape as her backdrop.  


When she isn’t following her dream of becoming a professional performer, Rollins is helping people in Texarkana find their new vehicle as a sales and leasing consultant for Robbins Toyota.


“I love my job and my boss. It’s a great place to work at with a really positive atmosphere.”


She hopes to use her talents to bring joy to the people around her.  Rollins particularly has an interest in supporting the youth in our community.

Grace Rollins
(Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

“My goal is to support the community and encourage the youth to take on new opportunities.”


Rollins is modeling the way for other creatives, young or old, conventional or not, the pursue their dreams and to leave a positive impact on the community in the chase.

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