Update on Hotel Grim Restoration Project




December 9, 2014 | The City of Texarkana has designated an area for updates on the Hotel Grim. The public can view the updates here. The most recent update is the timeline (see above).

The website also contains a short excerpt of the history of the Hotel Grim:

Built in 1925, the Hotel Grim located at 301 North Stateline Ave is a downtown landmark in Texarkana. The eight story building contains approximately 250 rooms and 103,200 square feet of floor space. The building was historically significant to Texarkana’s economic growth throughout the 1900’s and is still culturally and architecturally significant today. Plans to redevelop the Hotel Grim are currently underway through a joint venture with owner William Harrell, developer Jim Sari of Sari & Company and the City of Texarkana, Texas.

Check this page for future updates regarding the Hotel Grim Development!

Most of the relevant facts are contained in the presentation made to the City Council on March 19, 2014:
Download .pdf

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