[Updated] Plane Diverted To Texarkana Regional Airport For Precautionary Reasons [VIDEO]


10:25 A.M. Monday | A King Air airplane diverted into Texarkana Regional Airport for precautionary measures. Stephen Luebbert, the Airport Director, stated that the airplane diverted for high heat in the cabin.

A Texarkana Regional Airport Fire truck responded quickly with other local fire trucks on standby nearby. Standard protocol requires that the emergency responders wear bunking suits when responding, which can be seen in the following video. Mr. Luebbert further stated that the smoke seen in the video is probably not coming from the cabin, but probably caused by grey smoke drifting by the cabin from the tailpipe, which was caused by the pilot’s precautionary procedures after landing. The original and destination of the aircraft are unknown. There did not look like there were any injuries and no medical vehicles on scene.

The initial report has not been filed at the time of publishing. The report is expected to be available soon.

9:15 A.M. Tuesday | The TXK ARFF Incident Form was made public Monday afternoon.

TXK ARFF Incident Report (Final - With Edits)

The airplane is a twin turboprop and privately owned  by a business entity with an address in Oklahoma, and the pilot also lives in Oklahoma. The plane was en route from Wiley Post, Oklahoma to Meridian, Mississippi. The plane had seven people: six passengers and one pilot. The pilot elected to land at Texarkana Regional Airport after loss of air temperature control in the cabin, which is essentially over temperature in the cabin. After receiving the pilot’s communications, the Central Tower notified Central Dispatch who then contacted emergencies services (i.e., Texarkana Regional Airport’s Aircraft Rescue and Fire Department at 1013 (ARFF)). The aircraft landed without any problems, and the airport’s emergency services responded. Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department and Texarkana, Arkansas Fire Department responded for backup to the airport’s emergencies services that were already responding. All individuals involved responded to the event through standard protocol. There were no injuries or property damage. The passengers decided to rent a vehicle to complete their journey. The plane was quickly repaired and departed at 1:30 pm the same day.

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