A Wish for WHISK Comes True

Amanda Bowers, WHISK (Photo by Susannah LInnett | TXK Today)

“WHAT?  You can’t be serious!  We WON?”  Amanda Bowers exclaimed when she saw the tweet from Dollar Shave Club on Tuesday, December 19, 2017.

Bowers and husband, Matt, entered the contest that was held by the company on Twitter on November 18, 2017 by tweeting their small business logo, WHISK, to #dsc500.  And what did they win?  Well, Dollar Shave Club picked 500 small business logos from around the country to display on Matt Tifft’s #19 NASCAR this season.

Bower’s business, WHISK, is a family catering business that has been in official operation for about one year.  Bowers is so happy to have her family pitch in to help her dream come true.  Her 12 year-old daughter Abigail acts as her dedicated sous chef.

“I mix things when she asks and wash dishes for her,” Abigail explained. “I don’t know what she’s making most times, but it always turns out yummy.”

Seven year-old Michael likes to help out, too.  Even her husband, Matt, comes in after his
primary postman job to serve.

“It’s just a fun, small family business and we love it,” Amanda beamed.  “And we are thrilled to be chosen for this opportunity, not just for our business but for Texarkana.”

Whisk Catering does wedding, parties, and corporate gatherings.  They are excited to see how winning this contest is going to effect their small business.

Matt Tifft is a fairly new driver to NASCAR and at 21 years-old he is already making a name for himself.   “Tifft is hitting the big time and so are we,” Bowers stated. “He definitely has some new fans.”

The WHISK team will be cheering on Tifft and his #2 car as they watch their logo travel around the race track.  The family hasn’t officially heard whether they will be invited to a race to see the car in person, but expect to know something soon.

“We are just so thankful for this amazing opportunity to get WHISK out there and more in the public eye,” Mrs. Bowers smiles. “Who knew buying razors from Dollar Shave Club would turn into something like this.”

Whisk can be a part of your event, just call Amanda Bowers at
903-556-2972 or connect with them on Twitter @whisktxk

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