Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Prissy Chrissy Shooter And Parents

Prissy Chrissy Skye Hargrove Texarkana
Richard Skye Hargrove, 25

The estate of one of the victim’s from the shooting at Prissy Chrissy Ranch filed a wrongful death lawsuit on August 4, 2014. The Estate of Johnathon Lee Hill filed the claim on behalf of his four minor children and his parents.

The Original Petition alleges:

(1) negligence of the alleged shooter, Mr. Richard Skye Hargrove;

(2) property owners, Richard Carl Hargrove and Mary Ann Hargrove are “legally responsible for the negligent conduct of Defendant, Richard Skye Hargrove, as Plaintiffs’ allege that Defendant, Richard Skye Hargrove, was acting in the course and scope of his employment for property owners, Richard Carl Hargrove and Mary Ann Hargrove”; and

(3) the property owners “were negligent in the training and supervision of Defendant, Richard Skye Hargrove”.

The Petition alleges the following facts:

Mr. Hill and Ms. Timber Taylor were driving down FM 2148 when they ran out of gas. These two went to secure help at the residence of Richard Skye Hargrove. Once the two victims got close the residence, Richard Skye Hargrove appeared from the house with a firearm. Richard Skye Hargrove then shot Mr. Hill three times and Ms. Taylor two. As a result, both Mr. Hill and Ms. Taylor died. “Plaintiffs’ would show at the time of the shooting neither of the Decedents were in possession of any weapon but only seeking assistance for the disabled vehicle.”

Danny Cook, one of the attorneys for the Estate, said that “[t]he facts will show that ZERO force was necessary, and the force used was exceptionally excessive”.

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