10 Packing and Moving Hacks for a Fast and Hassle-Free Relocation


Everyone’s afraid of something. Maybe you’re terrified of heights, or perhaps you’re petrified of spiders. But what about your upcoming move? Whether you’re switching job locations, settling down with your partner, or merely retiring, moving can be stressful and scary. So, much can go wrong. 

But no matter how intimidating the thought of relocation can be, it has to be done. To help you out, here are ten hacks that will undoubtedly make your transition easier:

1. Make a Checklist Before You Start

It can be overwhelming going through tons of stuff and trying to decide what to pack first. A checklist will help you get things done faster without encountering any issues at all. Make sure to check all rooms before moving day. Otherwise, you might end up forgetting something important.

2. Pack the Kitchen First

With so many things to do, it’s tempting to pack the kitchen last. But you really shouldn’t. It’ll save you many headaches if you start with the most complicated room filled with food, appliances, and utensils. The sooner you get this done, the better your morale in packing up the rest will be.

3. Color Code Your Boxes

Since you have to label boxes anyway, why not organize them using colored markers? Unpacking stuff takes a while, but if you assign a color to a room (like blue for the kitchen), it’ll be easier to gather things in their respective areas. Plus, it would look neater and way more organized.

4. Use Old Fabric to Wrap Items

Old clothes, towels, and blankets shine during a move! You can use them to wrap furniture to prevent them from scratching each other. You can also cover delicate items such as vases and glass figurines with them. On top of that, they’re perfect for wrapping glassware, dishes, and utensils. As long as you’ve got linen to spare, you can save on bubble wraps.

5. Pack Books Inside Suitcases

This is quite an old hack and will always be present in any moving blog. But if you haven’t thought about it, it’s worth trying out. This is because the shape of books fits so well in a suitcase that you won’t have to exert much effort moving them around. You’ll be amazed at how useful this tip is. 

6. Prepare a Box Filled with Essentials

Other than prepping your belongings, you also have to worry about how to survive the first few days after your transition. The best way to do so is to pack a survival box. 

Fill it with things you’ll need while settling in, including:

  • Kitchen utensils
  • Canned goods and drink sachets
  • Dishwashing liquid and sponge
  • Bathroom essentials (toilet paper, toothbrush, skincare products, etc.)
  • Several sets of clothes
  • Personal items

7. Hire a Good Moving Company

This tip is a must. Unless you’ve got plenty of time and resources to initiate a DIY move, it’s always better to entrust your relocation to professionals. A strong team of expert movers will ensure that your belongings are properly packed away, transported, and unloaded without any damage. 

This way, you can focus on processing papers, making appointments, and settling in your new home without worrying about the heavy labor. While they move you can also slot online.

8. Find Free Moving Boxes

Most movers provide boxes for the move. However, this means you’ll need to pay extra. But fret not! You can always get some for free from your friends, family members, and even neighbors. The idea is to keep your cost low so you can save more in the long run.

9. Get Rid of Stuff Before Moving

You might be wondering why getting rid of things would help make your relocation easier. Well, the less stuff you’re bringing along, the less your movers will have to pack and ensure. Removing old items also quickens up the packing process, saving time and effort. 

That said, instead of throwing them away, donate to charity or sell them. Doing so will help you earn money back for your expenses or brighten up someone’s day.

10. Prepare Bottles of Water on Moving Day

Moving can be mentally and physically exhausting. You and your movers need to stay hydrated! Preparation is key to surviving the day. Have a couple of water bottles ready and waiting in your kitchen, so no one has to run out of energy and get thirsty throughout the entire process.

Additional Words of Advice

No matter the size of the move, expect to encounter problems along the way. For a smooth-sailing operation, you should hire a moving company with ample experience and expertise. If you’re unsure where to begin, checkout out the 20 best movers in Texas rated by Great Guys Moving–a reputable network of top-notch moving experts. You can’t go wrong with any of them!

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