Arkansas’ Interesting Attempt to Legalize Online Gambling


Online gambling in the state of Arkansas is an interesting subject with current regulations neither prohibiting nor allowing it. This legal grey area has resulted in a state where operators err on the side of caution as investing time and money into new operations that are unlikely to be permitted would be foolhardy at best.

Casino and poker expert Daniel Smyth extols the benefits of offshore alternatives that provide safe and legal ways for Arkansas citizens to enjoy online betting markets. 

Offshore betting operators that are licensed by alternative jurisdictions often offer secure betting sites with a selection of markets. Welcome bonuses, a selection of payment methods, and a wide variety of casino games offer consumers a great option as Smyth explains here

As individual U.S. states have the autonomy to decide their own betting laws, it can be a confusing landscape for consumers and operators looking to invest in certain areas. Countries with well-defined regulatory frameworks offer a more stable environment for businesses to set up, and it could be some time before the U.S. can do that.

In the meantime, Arkansas citizens can hope that things move quickly and that changes to online betting regulations clearly state what is permitted. 

A unique approach has been suggested by the chief marketing officer of the Saracen Casino, Carlton Saffa. Saffa proposes an amendment to a rule that allows online poker which would expand this to allow slots and table games as well.

The current rule from the Arkansas Racing Commission (ARC) allows online poker as a peer-to-peer game, rather than other casino games that pit the player against the house.

Rather than the expensive and time-consuming campaigns required to encourage legislative action, this option would be a workaround for existing rules.

The result would be a fully regulated online gambling industry in Arkansas that would see the state benefit from significant tax revenues.

The downside to this proposal is that legislative action or a lawsuit could halt its progress.

Another issue that could come from this is that Arkansas borders a number of states that strictly prohibit online gambling. Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas all have regulations in place, and Arkansas’ close proximity could be seen as a threat if these plans are successful.

At present, offshore betting operators provide the best options for Arkansas bettors and surrounding states. Well-established operators run a selection of high-quality online casinos that have helped people around the world access different betting markets.

Bettors in the UK looking for non-Gamstop casinos have benefitted from offshore casinos, and consumers in countries with tight betting restrictions can also enjoy online casinos, sports betting, and other markets online.

It remains to be seen whether Arkansas agrees to these proposals, but with citizens having a ready-made alternative, it is in the state’s best interests so they can regulate the industry to their standards and benefit from tax revenues.

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