Will the 2021 Houston Texans Be Better Than Last Year? 


Are the Houston Texans going to be better in 2021 than last season? 

The short answer, probably not. 

But let’s look at what we know so far this summer and assess the team accordingly, without any home-state biases. 

AFC South Odds and Competition

The Colts jumped out as early favorites to win the AFC South the moment that Carson Wentz signed on in Indy. But the Titans made some major moves over in Tennessee. They picked up Julio Jones and now have weapons spread out on offense. 

Recent odds to win the south:

  • Indianapolis Colts +100
  • Tennesee Titans +130
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +800
  • Houston Texans +2700

Oh, how the Texans have fallen.Most betting sites  have the Texans at +2700 just to win their division. To put that into perspective, the Cleveland Browns are +1600 to win the Super Bowl, and they are just a slightly above average team. The Texans are coming off one of their worst seasons ever, and it’s not looking great. JJ Watt hit the bricks for Arizona, and well … DeShaun Watson is in all sorts of hot water and will likely be placed on paid leave for the bulk of the 2021 season, even if he is found innocent.

Heck, even the Jaguars made moves. They scooped up a shiny new QB and nickel and dimed players from every other team in the AFC South. So, what will happen in Houston behind center? Tyrod Taylor is the likely starter as of now, and Jeff Driskell backs him up. Here’s exactly how much faith the boys and girls in Vegas, along with the betting public, have in that plan.

The regular season wins totals for the Houston Texans opened up at OVER/UNDER 5 games. But so much money has come in on UNDER 5 wins, that books around the world adjusted that number down to 4.5. And guess what? Gobs of money is still coming in on that line. 

Latest AFC Season Wins Totals

  • Houston Texans: OVER/UNDER 4.5 wins. The UNDER is significantly favored at -160.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: OVER/UNDER 6 wins. The OVER is significantly favored at -150.
  • The Tennessee Titans: OVER/UNDER 9.5 wins. The UNDER is favored at -125.
  • The Indianapolis Colts: OVER/UNDER 10 wins. The OVER is favored at -120.

So, the wise guys in Vegas expect the Houston Texans to win just 4 games or fewer in 2021. I have to admit, I said this article would be sans biases, but that is freaking rough. The one thing that caught my attention in the AFC South was why everyone is so hot on Wentz in Indianapolis after such a terrible showing in Dallas?

The reasons that the experts think the Colts will cruise to victory over the rest of the division is because Nick Sarianni hit the bricks for Philly and Carson Wentz has his BroMance back with Frank Reich, his former offensive coordinator, and Super Bowl LII party pal. Not to mention the fact the Colts have the best defense in the AFC South and perhaps one of the best in the American Football Conference. 

When we dig into the AFC South, it feels like the only team that didn’t make any forward progression with their personnel at all. Everyone else in the division—by the looks of it—is doing everything they can to be competitive in an increasingly difficult conference. 

One good thing for fans and perhaps for building on the 2022 season is the fact that the Texans’ 17th game of the 2021 regular season is against the Carolina Panthers in Houston. Although the Panthers are most likely going to be a better team than the Texans, they are not working with much and are at the bottom dredges of the odds boards to win the NFC South. So, there is a reasonable chance that the Texans could finish strong in Week 18 and go into the off-season on a winning note, just ask joker123.

It’s going to be a rough year for Texans football. But the team will survive, and so will us fans. Just like any other franchise, it’s time for rebuilding.

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