Bugle Brings Creativity to Local Branding

Alex Rain, Susannah Linnett, and Bryan Jefferies

They might be a small group, but their personalities accommodate their lack of size.  Bugle is a group comprised of Susannah Linnett, Bryan Jefferies, and Alex Rain, all of which have extensive backgrounds in media.

For the last two years, Linnett, Jefferies, and Rain have bounced around the idea of starting their own creative marketing group.  Until recently, the timing hadn’t worked out for them.

Linnett has a background designing work for TRAHC, Texarkana Repertory Company and Main Street.  She is also the director of Silvermoon Children’s Theatre and President of Tex-Rep Theatre.

Rain has experience in radio and video production, as well as theatre.  He has worked in the industry for nearly twenty years, along with his extensive work in photography and as a voice actor.  He co-wrote an award winning advertising campaign for Texas A&M -Texarkana and helped designed sites for several local businesses. He has worked on voice projects for Fortune 100 Companies such as Microsoft, Google, GE, and CocaCola.

Jefferies is a photographer, videographer, and composer/musician. He is best known in Texarkana for his cinematic wedding videos. He and his wife own Fresh Focus Films, and are part of the local band, Split Decision. Jeffries has done corporate video work for Red River Army Depot and TEXAR Federal Credit Union.

Their idea is to provide a wide range of services that are commercial quality. “We can do a logo, website, print, photography, and videography. Bugle even assists with social media management.  Rain said, “it’s important to make it all look unified so that there is a consistency to a company’s branding.”

The benefit is that Bugle can produce these services at a cheaper rate than commissioning a business from Dallas, Shreveport or Little Rock.

Susannah emphasized that being from Texarkana has its benefits, especially considering how close the community is.

“It’s easy for us to pop in if someone needs something photographed. Or you want to sit down and go over some design proofs, we can make it happen.  We love this town and want our local businesses to succeed.”

They provide custom digital content for local businesses.

“I don’t think it’s any surprise that people are looking at print publications differently than they used to,” Rain said.  “I don’t think it’s any surprise that people aren’t looking at print publications like they used to. Go to any restaurant and look around; the whole family at the table, including mom and dad, has their phone out.”

Bugle emphasizes the efficacy of media, especially in the digital world.  Many businesses use social media and other platforms, just not to their full potential.  Bugle is here to help them us services to their full capacity.


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