The Rising Tide Society Sweeps Texarkana

Dani Hamblet, For All Brandkind, discusses Facebook Ads with the local Rising Tide Society members. (Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

Kayla Brint, Kayla Brint Photography, is spearheading a local Rising Tide Society group here in Texarkana.  The community of creative entrepreneurs and small business owners meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month and discuss various business-related topics.  For the month of July, the group hosted Dani Hamblett, Marketing Consultant, For All Brandkind, to give a presentation on Facebook Ads.

Brint always wanted to be part of Rising Tide Society but thought the organization was specific to larger cities. She followed her curiosity and visited their website where she learned that Texarkana could have a group with approval from the organization. After learning that the group could exist in the smaller community of Texarkana, Brint agreed to lead.

“I instantly jumped on it,” she exclaimed! “There are over 600 groups worldwide and all receive content to share with members and everything is absolutely free!”

The group meets at different locations depending on whether or not they are hosting a speaker, and go by the name of Tuesdays Together- Texarkana, USA, on Facebook.

For the month of July, the members met at Silver Star Smokehouse & Saloon in Texarkana where they conversed with Hamblett to discuss how small business owners and creative individuals can utilize Facebook Ads to their advantage.  Hamblett walked the group of men and women through the ins and outs of navigating through the application.

“I work with companies and organizations to establish their brand and communicate their message via social media and digital advertising,” explained Hamblett.

She broke down the intricacies of ad creation, like choosing a target market, budgeting, and metric analysis for campaigns.  She emphasized how important it is for small businesses and entrepreneurs to collaborate and trade knowledge and experiences with one another.

“Often they just don’t have the resources that larger companies have, so any chance to get together with others who are in a similar phase in business to swap stories and pool knowledge is awesome,” said Hamblett enthusiastically.

Dani Hamblet, For All Brandkind, discusses Facebook Ads with the local Rising Tide Society members.
(Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

Hamblett has worked with companies like Boyette Financial, Dreidel Home + Sundry, and Dot’s Ace Hardware to help with branding, event planning, and promotions.

Hamblett and Brint both agree that it is encouraging to see a diversified group of professionals come together to help one another grow.  The local RTS group has industries represented from writers, photography, and skin care, to real estate agents and restaurant owners.  Local business owners like Annie Rateliff Skincare, Sticks and Stones on the Boulevard, and Goodman Group Realty attended the presentation on Tuesday.

(Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

In the past, Brint has covered relevant topics for business owners such as Search Engine Optimization, Facebook Advertising, pricing for services, and other topics that are dispersed by the RTS each month directly.

“At the heart of RTS is”Community Over Competition,” explained Brint.  This is a group who is avidly avoiding negative competition among direct competitors.  These men and women voluntarily support one another with hopes that everyone will be successful in their own way while also coming together as a community of friends.




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