Tired of unbearable headaches? It’s time to visit your chiropractor

James D. Raker, Doctor of Chiropractic at Ark-La-Tex Health Center

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If you are frequently experiencing serious headaches, paying a visit to your chiropractor could lead you to finding the root of the problem, and ultimately finding a solution.

Though there are multiple reasons why a person may experience headaches, there is a positive correlation between proper chiropractic care and the reduction of headaches.

James D. Raker, Doctor of Chiropractic at Ark-La-Tex Health Center for over 25 years, explains the correlation between headaches and chiropractic care and how headaches can be solved by paying a visit to your chiropractor.

According to Dr. Raker, research shows that there are two classes of headaches; headaches caused by an anatomic problem such as a tumor in the brain or a blood vessel in the brain that’s bursting. Raker explained, “those are the serious, go to the surgeon, kind of thing.”

Dr. Raker went on to explain the second type of headaches which are functional headaches. He explains that with these type headaches “everything is there and everything is anatomically correct but there’s something functionally that’s not working right that is creating these headaches.”

“The good thing is that the vast majority of people have functional headaches,” said Raker. “Medicine can only cover up the pain, like getting a novocain shot for a bad tooth. If every time you went to the dentist for a toothache he numbed it with a shot, then told you to go home, after a while wouldn’t you say quit covering up the pain and fix the problem!”

“When it’s a functional problem, we know that most headaches are triggered by the muscles and the joints around where the head and the neck meet together, which is mostly what chiropractors work with and solve very easily, the muscles and joint problems of the neck,“ said Dr. Raker.

You may still be asking yourself how exactly are chiropractic and headaches related? The misalignment of the joints is connected to headaches with issues such as a decrease in blood flow to the part of the head, and also through problems with the nerves running into the back of the head being irritated.

“Nerves conduct electrical signals and if a nerve gets irritated it can get too much signal and feel bad, or it can get too little and feel bad, either way, if a nerve is not running at its optimum speed, you can have a problem,” said Dr.Raker.

Dr. Raker notes that chiropractic care can affect the nerve flow, and muscle spasms around the base of the neck thereby relieving headaches and joint pain.

When a person is experiencing these headaches due to a misalignment of the bones, Dr. Raker has to loosen the muscles in order to get the joints to line up straight and move properly, thus relaxing the muscle and making the pain go away; the squeezing of the nerves also goes away causing the nerves to no longer be irritated, ridding a person of their headaches.

Every case is not the same, therefore in order to arrive at the conclusion of what treatment is right for each patient and making sure every person is receiving exactly what they need, Dr. Raker and his team look at diagnostics such as CAT scans, X rays and MRI’s to figure out the problem and arrive successfully at a solution.

Dr. Raker went on to say that the adjustments he made on a patient, relieved her headaches immediately. “The first day I adjusted her, the headaches were gone instantly. She’d been fighting them for months and been on several medications,” said Dr. Raker.

Dr. Raker discussed the importance of treating headaches, and instead of masking the pain by taking medication,, it is important for individuals to visit their chiropractor and find what is truly causing the headaches in order to make them disappear altogether.

“Headaches are like diabetes, blood pressure, or anything else, you have an issue, it needs to be fixed, controlled, dealt with, you have to maintain health by eating right and exercising” said Dr. Raker.

If you or someone you know is struggling with painful headaches that seem to never go away, Dr. Raker and his team at Ark-La-Tex Health Center want to help you figure out the problem and arrive at a solution.

Ark-La-Tex Health Center also offers DOT Physicals, alcohol & drug screening, treatment for back and neck pain, automobile injuries, workers comp rehabilitation, diabetes treatment and weight loss without the use of dangerous drugs.

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