USA Conference Golf Tournament Comes to Texarkana, Arkansas, Local Hotel Seeks Funding


SNBD Properties LLC., submitted an application for funding to the the City of Texarkana, Arkansas, Advertising & Promotion Committee and is asking to be placed on the March 16, 2018, agenda.


The applicant, SNBD Properties LLC., Amber Ferguson with Texarkana, Arkansas Holiday Inn and Convention Center, is requesting $39,000 for the 2018 Conference USA Golf Tournament on April 25, 2018.


The tournament will be held at Texarkana Country Club and hotels are hoping to accommodate the golfers, their families, friends, and fans with a satisfactory stay with the hopes that they will return to Texarkana, Arkansas for future events.


The fourteen teams will begin arriving on April 20, 2018, and will stay, dine, and seek entertainment in the Texarkana, Arkansas area.  Each team consists of 8 players and 2 coaches, in addition to the many fans, friends, and family who will seek out this sporting event.


The application concludes their request with, “Please note, applicant is not requesting the funds directly.  Should the commission wish to disperse the funds as the bills are presented or appoint another entity to disperse the funds is great with applicant.  Applicant simply wants to make this a great event for the Conference and city!”


The requested funding would cover items such as a welcoming gifts, Max Pro Scoreboard, private welcoming dinner, transportation, and advertising.


Members of the A&P Commission are unable to comment at this time as to whether or not this item will be placed on the upcoming agenda.


Upon request, applicant, Amber Ferguson submitted a statement to TXK Today.


“Texarkana Arkansas has been awarded the opportunity to host 13 Colleges, for the Division 1,  Conference USA Golf Tournament. This event will open doors for other types of collegiate events/tournaments that we could possibly host in the future, such as Baseball and Soccer. We absolutely want these colleges and officials of Conference USA to see that Texarkana Arkansas can help make their event successful, that they are welcome and that we are excited they chose us, Texarkana Arkansas.  


This tournament will have a sizable economic impact on our city, with over 150 traveling fan base, over 150 golfers, and additional local fans that will come from the four states area. These individuals  will be lodging, dining and shopping in Texarkana, Arkansas for at least 5 days and nights, which will result in a fast turnaround on the A&P dollar contribution. This is exactly the type of event the A & P Commission was established to assist.  


We are hopeful that the A&P Commission is able to add our request to the special meeting agenda for the already set March meeting.”


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