Mark Lewis, Candidate for Miller County, Arkansas Sheriff


After careful and thoughtful consideration, I am announcing my candidacy for Sheriff of Miller County, Arkansas.  After having the opportunity to serve in my current capacity as Chief Deputy of Miller County for the past four years, I have gained tremendous insight into the personnel, the organization, and the needs of the Citizens of Miller County.  I believe that I am the candidate best suited to lead the organization, the personnel, and to serve the Citizens of Miller County.

I bring to the table over 35 years of professional law enforcement experience as a resident of Miller County, successfully dealing with a wide range of legal, personnel, fiscal, criminal, and managerial issues.  Miller County has been my home for 35 years, and during that time I’ve worked with some amazing people, earning their trust by remaining true to our core values.  Working for Sheriff Jackie Runion and serving the Citizens of Miller County has been and remains an honor and a privilege.  Sheriff Runion and I agree that the Miller County Sheriff’s Office, like any organization, must continue to grow and develop professionally to better serve the Citizens.  He has afforded me the opportunity to help bring beneficial changes to the organization, and its philosophy to better serve the Citizens of Miller County.

I believe in doing a better job today than was done yesterday, with the anticipation and expectation of doing an even better job tomorrow.  I believe in identifying realistic goals and objectives, and persuading others by earning their trust and respect to likewise embrace those realistic goals and objectives.

I don’t believe in basing decisions on political considerations.  

I believe that Law Enforcement Officers should be held to a “higher standard” than those that they serve.  

I believe that the Leader of any organization, particularly in Law Enforcement, should provide their personnel with the leadership, training, and logistical equipment necessary to complete their assigned duties safely and effectively.

I believe in accountability, and I believe that decisions have consequences.  I believe that leaders should “Praise Performance When Possible, and Discipline When Necessary”.

I believe that there is a “fundamental difference” between a LEADER and an ADMINISTRATOR.




Detective Sergeant (Narcotics / Gang Unit) – Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force

Detective Lieutenant (Narcotics / CID) – Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force

Commander, Criminal Investigation Division

Commander, Texarkana Metro SWAT (Multi-Jurisdictional Unit)

Commander, Uniform Patrol Division

Commander, Overall Field Operations

Chief Deputy, Miller County Sheriff’s Office

I look forward to this new and challenging chapter in my professional life, and look forward to listening to the residents, while sharing my passion, plans and capabilities with the Citizens of Miller County.


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