Sarah Huckabee Sanders Visits Hometown on Freedom Tour

A large crowd of supporters gathered this morning to welcome Sarah Huckabee Sanders into Texarkana and to hear her speak on her Freedom Tour Campaign Trail

Today, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was greeted by a large crowd that gathered at Old Tyme Burger on Arkansas Blvd., welcoming her back home on her Freedom Tour for Governor of Arkansas. Sarah, who attended Elementary and Middle School here in Texarkana, was greeted by friends, family, and supporters as she arrived into the Texarkana area this morning.

“She is so down to earth, she loves people, family and friends. I told her one day long ago, ‘Sarah, remember who you are, and you will go far in whatever you choose to do.’ We met her when she was four, and we have enjoyed her friendship throughout the years. Her love for Arkansas runs so deep, and that is what we are here for today,” said family friend and local business owner Debbie Haak.

Introductions by local businesses owners and friends, while Sarah and husband Bryan wait to take the stage

The turnout for this mornings event included a crowd of over 100 eager people ready to meet and support Sanders on her campaign journey for Arkansas Governor. As she addressed the crowd, Sanders spoke highly of her time working as White House Press Secretary, noting that she was only the 3rd woman in history to have the job, and the 1st in history to be a mother while holding the prestigious position.

Sanders was on tour today with staff and husband Bryan Sanders, who spoke with TXKToday. “When we moved to Washington, D.C. it was a time in our lives that we were proud of what Sarah was able to do, and what she was able to accomplish. But when she left the position we knew we needed to go home, back to Arkansas. Arkansas is where we have always been the happiest and a place that we both love deeply. I couldn’t be more proud to help support her in this run for Governor,” said husband Bryan Sanders.

Old Tyme Burger held the event, where Sarah used to visit as a young girl. Her portrait used to hang in the restaurant for years as she grew up.

“When there are bad people in high ranking positions and institutions, it makes it difficult for good things to happen. We need more good people to take over those positions to help America continue to move forward,┬áSanders said. Her Freedom Tour will continue on throughout the day and into tomorrow as she visits other towns around Arkansas. Sanders is kicking off her campaign around Arkansas, in hopes to win the votes and hearts of those in Arkansas for the November 8th, 2022 gubernatorial election date.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders exits tour bus to greet crowd at Old Tyme Burger in Texarkana, Arkansas
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