Texarkana, Ark. Board of Directors Censures Fellow Director


Texarkana, Ark. Board of Directors voted unanimously Monday evening to censure fellow board director Laney Harris for his behavior and to remove him from the Advertising and Promotion Commission.

Harris was censured for three different things according to the motion put forward by ward 5 director Barbra Minor.

  • Using his position as director to have a city building opened and hosting a meeting without the city mangers knowledge.
  • Putting himself into a position for a harassment complaint.
  • He had an altercation with a citizen at the Railfest.

The first incident refers to an event in April when a took a group on an unauthorized tour of the closed boys and girls club building.

The second incident refers to a harassment complaint filed against Harris with the Texarkana, Ark. Police Department.

The third incident refers to an altercation at this year’s Railfest after Harris was confronted while taking photos from a tree of Railfest vendors and workers setting up.


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