1st Annual Freezer Buck Challenge Coming to Texarkana

Buck targets for contestants.

This Saturday, Martha and Stan Garrett of Garrett Sporting Goods in conjunction with Rocky Creek Outdoors will be hosting the 1st Annual Freezer Buck Challenge! The Freezer Buck Challenge will consist of five stages, where contestants will have the opportunity to shoot at cardboard deer targets from varying ranges The challenge this weekend is open to two separate age groups: Youth 15 and under, and Adults 16 and over. All participants will be allowed 20 shots, 4 per stage, and the top contestants will have a chance to win a donated Freezer from Lafferty’s Home Center, as well as some other incredible prizes.

“Back in the day they used to have old turkey shoots. Where the whole family could come out and compete on targets with the hopes of leaving with a turkey for their family for Thanksgiving. That’s kind of what we are doing with this new Freezer Buck Challenge. We want families to come out, have some good wholesome fun, and leave with some amazing prizes! They always say if you fill a freezer you must be done for the season, so this year we’re excited to give away a freezer so one lucky hunter can keep going” said Martha Garrett, one of the hosts for this weekend’s 1st Annual Freezer Buck Challenge.

Stage 1-3. Contestants will stand here to shoot for stages 1, 2, and use the tree for leverage for stage 3.

The contest this weekend will require contestants to bring their favorite hunting rifles and 20 rounds of their own ammo to the course. The rifle must be legal for deer hunting in the state of Arkansas or Texas and the same gun must be used for the entire shoot. Contestants under 18 must have a parent or guardian present for the competition. Registration will begin at 8 am, and the contest is scheduled to end by 12:00 noon, but will go until the last participant has completed the course. Those wishing to participate can also visit the Garrett Sporting Goods store anytime this week to register beforehand. Registration is $20.

The Course of Fire is as follows:
Stage 1: 50 yards off hand
Stage 2: 100 yards off hand
Stage 3: 100 yards with a tree for a brace
Stage 4: 200 yards from the hood of a truck, with a bag of corn as the rest
Stage 5: 300 yards from a box blind with a window sill as a rest

Course 4 will be located in this area with a truck and a bag of corn as the rest.

At each stage, contestants will have 4 shots for a total of 20 for the entire competition. The time limit is 1 minute for stages 1 through 4, and 2 minutes for stage 5. All four shots must be fired within the time limits, “adding a little more competition to the game,” said Martha. Contestants will not be permitted to use tracers, incendiaries, or explosive ammunition.

“Dr. Kelly Pack is donating a set of custom moulded passive hearing protection with a value of $150. We want to ensure that our youth are practicing safe hunting skills, and to help those who are older protect their hearing while they are out hunting. Dr. Pack donation will be an awesome advantage to our youth and adult hunters in the Texarkana Area,” said Martha.

Outdoor Seating area at Rocky Creek Outdoors

“Our main goal for this event, along with winning prizes, and encouraging competition in our area, is to help promote safety and to encourage our youth to participate in hunting. The competition will be located at Rocky Creek Outdoors. It began as a Skeet, Trap, and Sporting Clays Complex several years ago, and they have added rifle and pistol ranges as well. There is also a 3D archery range located on the property. We have a bunch of local 4H clubs and high schools who shoot at the range, but it’s honestly a great family location and venue. Rocky Creek also has axe throwing, ring toss strings and a 10,000 square foot clubhouse venue available for use! We want the community to come out this Saturday and enjoy everything Rocky Creek has to offer, while competing for some awesome prizes and fun!,” said Martha Garrett.

Rocky Creek Outdoors is located at 4001 South State Line Avenue. Registration for the event will begin at 8AM to 12PM. Contestants will compete until the last person has completed the course. To register before Saturday, stop by Garrett Sporting Goods at 3102 Richmond Road to register.

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