Additional Officers to Help Address Holiday Fireworks Issues

Melanie Warden and Christeena Quarles watch fireworks from the roof of their car at the closing of 2015 Scout-O-Rama. (photo by Field Walsh)

With the approaching Fourth of July holiday, the Texarkana, Texas Police will step up its enforcement of the city ordinance that prohibits the sale, possession, or discharge of fireworks within the city limits. Additional officers will be working throughout the holiday to respond to fireworks complaints and proactively look for those who are violating the law.

Fireworks complaints on July 4, 2016

Assistant Chief Charles Kreidler said, “We want everyone to have a fun and safe holiday. As an alternative of shooting fireworks themselves, we strongly encourage people who live in Texarkana Texas attend some of the organized fireworks shows in our community. If they have their hearts set on actually shooting fireworks, they will want to go outside the city where it is legal.”

Anyone in violation of the law will be subject to having their fireworks seized and receiving a citation, for which the fine is $171.

For more information, contact the Texarkana Texas Police Department at 93-798-3116.

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