“Chilled to the Bone”: Colder Weather Expected Again for Upcoming Winter Season


If you are like many of us in the Texarkana area, then you are ready for flannel shirts, winter boots, and the smell of chimneys in the air. Last year’s winter was one of the worst we have seen in the Texarkana Area in a decade, and it looks like it’s about to happen again!

February 2021 was filled with record low temperatures for our area, and we saw snow that locked many of our residents in for several days. Power grids were forced to perform rolling blackouts to accommodate for the usage around Texas, and electric bills were sky high. Several local residents also went up to two weeks without power, and according to this year’s Farmers Almanac, it’s going to happen again! The publication predicts that Texans may be “Chilled to the Bone” again this year. So what can you do? Get prepared NOW!

News sources, area officials and other local citizens are urging their families, friends and Texas/Arkansas residents to get prepared now, just in case the Almanacs predictions are true. Some of the things you can purchase now to aid in another winter storm are: blankets, water bottles, canned goods, candles, shovels, batteries, flashlights and firewood. With the looming struggle of the power grid that occurred last year, this year’s expected winter may bring the same issues for our local residents. It’s better to be safe now, than to be sorry later.

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