GRIT Fitness: Texarkana’s Newest Women’s Only Gym

Owner of GRIT Fitness Amanda Rogers

GRIT Fitness has been open for just over a year in our local Texarkana area and has made workouts for women in our area fun, engaging, and meaningful. Amanda Rodgers, owner of GRIT, loved the idea of an all women’s gym, “When I lived in Conway I really felt like I was missing something within myself. I found a gym up there with group fitness classes for only women. Once I started going I found this comradery and flexibility with the different classes, and for the first time in a long time I had 55 minutes where no one was asking something of me. It was my time,” said Amanda.

Photo Provided by Amanda Rogers

“Teaching and sharing space with so many incredible women creates an energy that’s hard to describe. There’s never been a day I’ve left the studio without having had a member impact my life in a positive way. The courage, fight and grit it takes to walk through our doors and take a chance on something so personal, that means the world to me,” says Amanda. The gym offers classes 6 days a week with 8 instructors from whom to choose. Each instructor has a different style, class and energy to bring to their students. Most classes last 55 minutes.

Photo Provided by Amanda Rogers

“We bought the gym in October of 2019. It had been a dance studio when we bought it and before that it was a church and a small school. We completed the renovations in January of 2020 and opened in February of 2020 right before the pandemic hit.” Although Rogers had to shut down during the pandemic, women in our area couldn’t get enough. They reopened slowly in June of 2020 with online and small in person classes and have continued to build a following.

In the coming years Rogers has some big plans for GRIT Fitness. “I would love to eventually expand GRIT fitness by adding onto the building, allowing for three full rooms of workouts and maybe even more. I have so many dreams for the place such as creating a cycling or spin class. We would love to build so that we can continue to add classes for the women in our area to enjoy.”

Photo Provided by Amanda Rogers

For now, women in our area can choose from 8 instructors: Amanda Rogers, Owner. Amanda Magness, Jaclyn Thane, Jaime Ward, Kimbo Jordan, Mia Ray, Kristen Hutson, Kelsey Mason. GRIT offers 30+ classes every week; boot camp, circuits, strength training, toning, barre and HIIT style classes. Childcare is available during specific class times as well.

Summer hours will include classes at 5 AM, 8:30 AM, 4:30 PM, 5:30 PM and 6PM.
To find more information about GRIT Fitness visit their website.

GRIT Fitness is located at: 1806 E. 50th Street, Texarkana, AR 71854


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