H & H Ranch House: Texarkana’s Newest Mom and Pop Restaurant

H & H Ranch House Omelet (Photo by Jordan Turner)
Chicken Spaghetti Special for $10 (tax included)

Local restaurant H & H Ranch House has been open for 3 months, and the local community has begun to fill their doors with business. While they are still gaining traction and support in our area, their food, down-home southern hospitality and aesthetics has made for a fun and enjoyable eating experience for all.

Co-Owners Teresa Hufstetler and Karla Hawkins were longtime friends before going into business together and opening H & H Ranch House. “Karla was a fantastic cook who was tired of working for other people. One day we got together and decided to become partners. When we opened the restaurant, we never dreamed we would be as busy as we are. It’s been so busy that we are looking for more employees! We are so appreciative of how well received we’ve been,” said Teresa. 

H & H Ranch House Specials

“I was raised by three generations of women in the kitchen,” said Co-Owner Karla Hawkins. “I do most, if not all of the cooking and we are so busy it’s almost crazy,” said Hawkins. “The community has been supporting us so well that we are short staffed and almost can’t keep up with the number of people wanting to come and support our business! We are very happy and surprised by how well received we have been,” said Hawkins. H&H Ranch House got their name from their former delivery lady Kathy Moon who passed away recently. “She said ya’ll have to name it Ranch House because of your straight up down-home cooking, so we did. H&H represents our last names, and Ranch House was for Kathy,” said Hawkins. 

H&H Ranch House offers free coffee with breakfast, and each day they have a special that is served with two sides and a drink for only $10 (tax included). Their specials are large enough to feed two people and their ranch dressing is homemade by Teresa. They are currently hiring waitresses as they continue to expand. 

Decorated by Owners, H & H Ranch House has a down-home country feel

“We didn’t open to get rich. We opened because we wanted to provide our community and families with a place to bring their families for breakfast, lunch and dinner, where the family can enjoy their time, and not feel like they are spending too much. Our cooking isn’t work for us, it’s a passion. A passion of which I don’t think I’ll ever get bored,” said Hawkins. 

H&H Ranch House is open 6 a.m.- 8 p.m. Monday-Saturday, and open Sunday 10 a.m.- 4p.m.  H&H Ranch House is located at 702 E St Texarkana, AR 71854. 

H&H Ranch House is currently hiring. Call (903) 559-5749


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