Little Caesar’s Sign Dancer Turns Heads and Lifts Spirits

Photo by Erin Rogers

The Sign Dancer at the Little Caesar’s on New Boston and Summerhill in Texarkana, Texas, is unmistakable with his all black clothes, leather gloves, and animated dancing. His signature choreography and vivacious personality garners him ample attention within the community. Many know his moves, but not the man behind them.

Texarkana native Daniel Moulton, 25, goes by the pseudonyms: B-rad and Beats. He has worked as a human directional, or more colloquially called Sign Dancer, for 2.5 two-and-a-half years and uses his performing arts to advertise for local businesses. Prior to his work in the sign dancing industry, he danced across the street from Texas High School.

Moulton says his motivation is purely driven by his love of music. His talents developed over the years and dancing is something he is known for in Texarkana. In high school, Moulton would free-style rap and beat box during class and now listens to rap and hip hop while working. When asked which artists are on his playlist, Moulton smiled and replied,” Drake, Lil’ Wayne, and Rick Ross.”

“Music inspires my work and I just want to do what I enjoy and love life,” Moulton emphasized.

One thing is clear, Moulton’s resounding characteristic is his positivity. His hard work is recognized on social media.

“Cheers to this guy …he’s always entertaining and makes my day,” wrote Facebook user, Lori Sullivan Inman.

Brian Narens, Little Caesar’s Floor Manager, said Moulton always has a smile on his face, is upbeat and optimistic.

“He never complains and is always full of energy.”

Equally notable as his joyful disposition, Daniel has perseverance and superior work ethic.

“We can never tell if he is sick or anything,” Narens continued, “He just comes here and does his job.”

There was a brief time when Moulton moved to Atlanta, Texas and Narens recalls that void at Little Caesars,

“We could never find anyone to actually do his job, so we said ‘of course’ when he called asking if he could come back when he came back to Texarkana.”

Since his return, the recognition has accelerated. People like Moulton inadvertently positively impact the community simply by being constructive. His amusing performances have become an important element for Little Caesar’s and a pleasure for everyone who witnesses him hard at work.

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