Razordogs: Family Business Helping to Revitalize Downtown Texarkana

Razor Dogs Downtown

Razordogs has been in the Texarkana downtown area for almost a year, and has begun to make waves in the appeal and entertainment of the downtown area. The business is owned and operated by Brandon Barnett and his wife Chasiti. Brandon, an Arkansas High graduate, went onto play football for the University of Arkansas. He is familiar with the needs of our local area, and is working hard to develop relationships with other businesses downtown, to help bring the Texarkana Downtown back to life, and for him, it started with hot dogs.

Local Kids Dressed Up For Razor Dogs

“When I was at the University of Arkansas, we had an entertainment district, but it was located on Dickson Street. Every time we would go out, we would see this man named Yancey, and his hot dog cart on the road with a massive line. I used to sit and watch this guy entertain and feed everyone, and I began to admire him. When I heard that the Texarkana City Council had put an Entertainment District in place downtown, I knew right then and there that I was going to open up a hot dog cart, and I did,” said Brandon. Being a Razorback is a way of life for most who live in this area. Whether you went to Arkansas High or went to the University of Arkansas, being a Razorback holds meaning, memories and depth. “Being a Razorback is something incredible. There is something so important about holding that tradition from going to these schools, that I had to incorporate into my business. That’s how the name Razordogs came to be. That lifelong passion of being a Razorback, and sharing that with the community has definitely been one of the greatest enjoyments about running this business,” said Brandon.

Downtown Night Life at Crossties and Razor Dogs

Brandon and his wife are both currently working for the community in other ways. Chasiti is a Social Worker here in Texarkana, “she’s helping everyone get kidneys!,” noted Brandon with a smile. Brandon is currently the supervisor for the alternative program in the Magnolia School District. “When I was a kid, I also went to a FLEX program. I was that alternative kid. I use my time now to work with other kids, to show them that they don’t have to end up in a bad situation. They can work hard, like myself, and have an incredible future. It’s a blessing to be able to work with these students, and to be able to provide them with an alternative sense of success for their futures,” said Brandon. Brandon and Chasiti, also run several other businesses with their family including Fred’s Surface Cleaning, which is currently working with businesses in our area to help stop the spread of diseases and infections. Brandon’s brother Fred, has also begun to venture out into the food truck industry, and will soon be opening Fred’s Wingz and Things, which will also serve those coming into the downtown area.

Community support for the growing Downtown Entertainment District and Razordogs has been seen in no short supply. Razordogs currently works with Crossties to host a movie night every Friday night. Community members can gather downtown to watch a movie, eat hot dogs and receive drinks from local establishments such as the Frozen Rail. Brandon and Chasiti have been working diligently with other small businesses downtown to help revitalize the area, and appeal to the local Texarkana community. “We are close with all of the small businesses in the area. We all want to see each other continue to succeed. We are working hard to provide an area for our community to come down, feel safe, and enjoy their time, which in turn provides a new way to enjoy our Historic Downtown Area,” said Brandon.

Community Gatherings in Downtown Texarkana at Razor Dogs

Brandon and Chasiti have a lot of hope for the future of Historic Downtown Texarkana. “Eventually I can see how the growing businesses downtown will impact the rest of Texarkana as a whole. When we can bring money back to one area of Texarkana, we can truly impact other areas as well. I would love to see the City of Texarkana come on board with opening public restrooms for patrons of the Downtown Entertainment District, that are safe and clean, so that we can continue to encourage our visitors to stay longer on nights where events are taking place,” said Brandon. For now, the Entertainment District is still continuing to grow, and thanks to Razordogs and their constant encouragement for community members to visit, they are continuing to revitalize the downtown area. “Our business lives by the motto: We Are the Hottest Corner in the City, and There’s All Types of Dogs in the World, But There is Only One Razordog. We want everyone to feel pride when they come down and support our businesses,” said Chasiti.

Razordogs is located next to Crossties at 324 E Broad St. They are open Tuesdays 6PM-10PM and Friday-Saturday 6PM-Close. If you are interested in having Razordog Hotdogs at any event or party please contact Brandon & Chasiti Barnett at 870-292-2326. 

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