SignMeUp Texarkana Takes New Approach To Sending Cards to Family

Signs by SignMeUp Texarkana

Stephanie Brush and her husband, both teachers at Texas High, came together to create a business that could support their four children’s future endeavors. “Originally, my husband was in banking.  We have four children, and I got to be home all summer, and he really felt like he was missing out on that time with our kids. We prayed about it, and he eventually left his banking job and became a teacher.  SignMeUp Texarkana was created after we made the decision to both be in education. We kept seeing friends post about their new business ventures with yard cards and signs, and we felt as though we could do something like that too. We have four children all needing cars, and going to college in the near future, and we decided to take a leap of faith and start our own business, separate from a franchise,” says Stephanie.

Brush Daughters Help Install Birthday Sign

“We participate largely in our community, from our local church to our local schools. We started this business as a way to celebrate birthdays and special occasions. Instead of receiving a card in the mail, you get a huge card on your yard for the world to see. We do card celebrations for anniversaries, holidays, baby showers, school events, teacher and nurses weeks, Veteran’s Day, graduation, announcements and so much more. We have been able to really get into the community with the help and support of friends and family, who have spread the word of our growing business and unique take on sending cards,” said Stephanie. Stephanie and her husband purchased the local Storks on Parade business last year, and have completely transformed their business with unique designs, special attention to detail, and desire to meet the needs of all who hire them.

SignMeUp Texarkana Offers a Wide Variety of Signs and Themes

“A few weeks ago, we had a family order a birthday card for their daughter. They ended up not getting back home from vacation until very late, and my husband went out and bought a ton of solar lights and set them up around the sign. When the family got home, their daughter could see the sign lit up throughout her yard. We try to go the extra mile, and offer our clients something more than what they dreamed,” says Stephanie. The Brush family began their business in August of 2020. It was able to take off fast, and their friends and family have given them business from the beginning, allowing them to continue to grow in our local Texarkana community. “We took out our savings for this business. It’s taken about 10 months now, but we are back in the black, and we are so grateful that it has been so successful,” said Stephanie.

SignMeUp Texarkana Works With Local Businesses

Their business was for their children, but it also includes them. “We do this for our children, but also with them. We never want to take away time from our children, so they are included in the business, and are working alongside us to learn the tricks and tips. Our 8-yearold daughter is the best signer out there. We take all of the signs and stake them in yards, and go back and remove them together,” said Stephanie. SignMeUp Texarkana, truly takes a new meaning to serving our community, and supporting those within the community. “We want to serve our community and give them everything that they can dream of for a sign. We are continually trying to grow our inventory. If there is a theme, or type of sign requested more than twice, we purchase it. We are just a hometown Christian family. We want to meet the needs of our community through our business by making celebrations fun and exciting for others,” said Stephanie.

To purchase a sign for your yard, you can visit SignMeUpTexarkana’s website, or call 903-278-7117.

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