Texarkana switches to new digital public safety radio system

Radio Tower Site on New Boston Rd. (submitted photo by TTPD)

Texarkana area first responders switched radio systems last weekend causing scanners across the area to remain silent.

Texarkana first responders are now working on two different systems, the Arkansas Wireless Information Network (AWIN) and a new Texas DPS system.

The transition to the new system has been in the works for a few years as the old system aged and had frequent issues. A $1,150,000 appropriation for the radio system upgrade was approved by the Texarkana Texas City Council on August 24, 2015. The existing analog radio system that was replaced was over 17 years old.

According to Texarkana, Texas Police spokesperson Shawn Vaughn, the switchover to the new system occoured slightly ahead of schedule last weekend after the old system failed once again.

According to Vaughn the new system will provide more stability, reliability, and allow for greater interoperability among area agencies. In the event of a failure on either system, all local responders would continue to have the same level of communication by simply switching to the other system.

Below is the information needed to manually update your scanner to work. It requires that your scanner be capable of picking up phase ii digital systems.

If you have a Uniden scanner TXK Today will program it for a fee of $30. Contact 903.367.4255 for more information.

Online streaming is also available online at broadcastify.com or through scanner apps available in the Apple or Google play stores.

If you want to purchase a new scanner that will work on the new system we recommend the following models. uniden BCD996p2,Whistler TRX-1,Uniden BCD436HP or Uniden BCD536HP

P25 DPS System
Frequencies: 769.08125, 770.08125, 770.58125, 771.53125, 771.95625, 772.95625, 799.08125, 800.08125, 800.58125, 801.53125, 801.95625, 802.95625

Talkgroup ID’s
Bowie County Sheriff, Wake Village, Nash, Hooks – 34006
TTPD Mobile – 34037
Information – 34021
Texas Fire Dispatch – 34045

AWIN System
Frequencies: 856.2875, 856.7875, 856.9875, 857.2875, 857.9875, 858.9875, 859.9875, 851.2625, 851.650, 852.2625, 852.350, 852.8375, 853.650

Talkgroup ID’s
TTPD & TAPD Dispatch – 34000
TAPD Mobile – 26030
Arkansas Fire Dispatch – 26022
Miller County Sheriff – 26001
First Responders – 26018

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