University of Arkansas Cossatot Releases 2020 Strategic Plan


The University of Arkansas Cossatot published a plan guiding the college’s purpose and operations through the year 2020.

The strategic plan outlines goals and tactics by which the college addresses accreditation guidelines, stakeholder needs, and the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the college. UA Cossatot administrators created the plan by seeking input from students, employees, and all external stakeholders in the UAC service area.

The plan focuses on five areas:
Helping students learn
Meeting student and other key stakeholder needs
Valuing employees
Planning and leading
Using data for resource management

“Our 2020 Strategic Plan will be how we judge our success and direction for the next three years,” stated UA Cossatot Chancellor Steve Cole.
UA Cossatot has the third highest graduation rate in the state of Arkansas among community colleges and the third smallest budget in the state among all colleges and universities.

Cole added, “It is this kind of intentional planning and focus that helps us achieve these types of results.

Our faculty is a large part of our success. We believe that with faculty doing what they do best and these 2020 initiatives, we will be number one in graduation rates very soon.”
To read the plan in detail, please visit or call 800-844-4471 to request a printed copy.

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