The Impact of COVID-19 on School Events and Activities Continues


The COVID-19 Pandemic has roughly impacted students in our area, and around the world during the last two years of their education. At the beginning of the pandemic, Seniors at the time missed out on special events such as Prom, Graduation Ceremonies and more. Since then, Graduation Ceremonies, Dances, Pep Rallies, activities and local rivalry games have been cancelled, monitored heavily, and even been adjusted to meet the safety needs of the community. So what about students this year? Will they continue to miss important milestone events such as Homecoming, rivalry games and more?

Local school districts in our area are monitoring the COVID-19 situation in our area, and are working diligently to address the concerns of parents, students and faculty in regards to important events. Arkansas High School Principal, Michael Odom, issued a statement on September 8th, acknowledging the concerns of community members in regards to these special events. “In consideration of the COVID pandemic and continual rise in cases, it is necessary to re-evaluate the safety of holding these events in their traditional format,” said Odom. While no local districts have fully announced any changes to their school events, or any cancellations, parents and students are eager to experience these events once again.

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