Two Telford Correctional Officers Awarded Outstanding Correctional Officer of the Year


Two Texas Department of Criminal Justice officers were named Outstanding Correctional Officer of the year by the Texas Corrections Association.

Correctional Officer Paula Greer and Correctional Officer Kimberly Haney both received the award at a ceremony Sunday in recognition of their quick actions during an attempted hostage situation inside the Telford Unit in New Boston last year.

On July 26, 2016 an offender was being escorted from a medical area back to his cell when he stormed into an examination room, closed the door and held a nurse in a choke hold while holding a homemade weapon to her neck. Instinctively Officer Haney opened the door and ordered the offender to let the nurse go but he refused. Without hesitation, she grabbed chemical agents and sprayed the inmate.

Almost simultaneously Officer Greer responded to the situation and she also administered her chemical agents on the offender who only then released his grip on the nurse. Haney quickly grabbed the nurse and pulled her out of the room. They then secured the offender and weapon before moving the inmate to another location inside the Telford Unit.

Lorie Davis, Director of Correctional Institutional Division, praised their quick reaction. “These two officers stepped up and quickly diffused a dangerous situation. The courage they showed exemplifies the professionalism of correctional officers across the state. They are an inspiration to all those who serve and are certainly deserving of this award.”

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