What’s My Precinct? Where To Vote in Tomorrow’s Mayoral Election


Voting Day here in the City of Texarkana, Texas is tomorrow Tuesday, November 2nd. Many citizens are eager and ready to cast their vote for tomorrow’s election for several actions up for vote: The Mayoral Seat for the City of Texarkana, Texas, who will serve in Place 6 for the Pleasant Grove Independent School District Board of Directors Chair, and whether or not Hooks Independent School District will issue bonds worth $11.2 million. Every citizen can also vote tomorrow to approve eight proposed amendments to the State Constitution.

Election Day Voting will begin promptly at 7AM. All polling locations will be open tomorrow, November 2nd from 7AM-7PM. If you are unsure as to what precinct you reside in, you can visit this Website. Using the website you can manually enter in your address location and it will tell you which voting precinct you can visit to vote in tomorrows election.

If you already know your precinct number, but are unsure as to where you can go vote tomorrow, here are the list of precincts and address locations where you can go to cast your vote tomorrow! TXKToday is dedicated to providing quick and speedy election results for their viewers. As soon as the votes are in, TXKToday will post an announcement on their Facebook Page and Website, TXKToday.com.

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